Aluminum Fabrication

There are several different types of metal fabrications that can be specialized in, but aluminum fabrication is different from many other fabrication processes.  Aluminum fabrication varies from other metals because it is often extruded during its process.  This involves drawing or pushing the aluminum blank through a die in order to create a shaped product.  This process of extrusion can be performed using a hot process where the metal is heated in order to become more malleable, or through a cold process which is performed at room temperature.

Process of Extrusion

Aluminum is widely used because its properties allow it to be lightweight as well as resistant to corrosion.  One of its downfalls is the fact that is can be fairly brittle and can break when force is applied in specific ways.  That is why extrusion is often the process of choice for fabrication purposes.

  • Extrusion is a very valuable method to use during the fabrication process.
  • Extrusion generally puts less stress on the metal during the process when compared to other fabrication methods.  This allows the aluminum to retain its strength.

Aluminum may be processed in other fashions as well, although these methods may apply more stress to the metal, causing the finished product to become more brittle.