Custom Fabrication

Our established team and versatile equipment allow for the custom fabrication of all things derived from metal.  There is a wide variety of products that can be created for our customers.  If you have something special in mind that you would like to have crafted, call our team at Bill’s Custom Fab to discover all of the ways in which we can help design and implement what your imagination has fashioned.

Some of the items that we may customize for you may be:

  • Automotive Exhausts
  • Bicycle Parts
  • Stair Case Railings
  • Industrial Piping

Stainless Steel

Custom fabrication can be fashioned for most anything from stainless steel.  Some of the items we can custom make from this stainless steel are:

  • Chemical Equipment
  • Tooling
  • Hose Assemblies
  • Brackets
  • Baskets
  • Carts
  • Railings


We work with most every type of aluminum grade imaginable.  The different aluminum grades allow customers to create items such as:

  • Storage Cabinets
  • Holding Tanks
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Fan Guards
  • Guards and Barriers
  • Security Barriers
  • Fan Covers
  • Battery Boxes
  • Store Fixtures
  • Automotive Fenders & Bumpers
  • Custom Corner Gaurds