Shearing and Bending

Bill’s Custom Fab is here for all of your metal shearing and bending requirements.  Whether you need to have your sheet metal bent or cut into appropriate shapes and sizes, we can master the task for you.  Contact our knowledgeable team to discover these versatile services that we can provide for you.

Sheet Metal Bending

Bill’s Custom Fab can bend your sheet metal to suit all of your project needs.  We can bend all of your sheet metal from 20 gauge to ½” thick.  We can shape the metal into a variety of shapes as well as quantities.  When we bend your sheet metal, we can either use a punch or a die.  The punch and die are fashioned in a way that when they are placed together, their cavity is in the shape of what your finished product will be.  Metal is then placed between them and hydraulic cylinders exert 35-250 tons of pressure.  The pressure will force the metal to conform to the shape of the die, thereby bending the metal.  Multiple bends can be applied to the sheet metal to form different shapes.


Sheet Metal Shearing

If your sheet metal needs to be cut to a specific size, Bill’s Custom Fab can fill your needs.  We have shears that can cut metal to your projects required thickness.  Generally, the shearing process is as follows:

  • Shearing force is applied to the sheet metal.
  • When enough force has been applied, the shear stress will cause the metal to fail and separate causing a cut to occur.
  • The size of the cut will typically be 2-10% of the material thickness.